CEI runs a 3 year distance education course which enables students to study from home, which is ideal for working persons and homemakers alike. The program has a holistic approach to lifestyle change which means it addresses spiritual, physical, psychological, intellectual and emotional issues during the course.

The first year is a foundational year which is primarily focused on personal development and spiritual growth. Bible basics such as Bible study techniques, prayer, background on the Bible and fundamentals beliefs (where we consider what we believe and how it relates to Jesus) are studied. The second year focusses on the principles of interpreting scripture (hermeneutics). Here the principles of correct interpretation are studied and applied to some of the more difficult-to-understand parts of Scripture. Secondarily, the studies during this year also engage on the topics of the Law and the Sabbath, as well as working through the parables we find in the gospels. The last year is dedicated to the study of Daniel and Revelation as well as correcting various erroneous views held by atheists and many Christian denominations and groups.

Students receive their textbooks and other materials via courier service and can also expect to receive newsletters from time to time. The CEI Online Portal provides access to discussion groups where students can connect with each other and with the lecturers to discuss course content. Tests are also written online and students are also expected to submit some assignments by email.

Course Breakdown

Year 1: Foundations: CHRISTfit & Bible Basics


CHRISTfit – Spiritual Growth principles and how to apply them in your life.

CHRISTfit is a comprehensive spiritual growth course which addresses all the essential aspects that contributes to a closer walk with Christ. It addresses discipline, bible study, evangelism and witnessing as well as prayer. The course makes use of the principles involved in physical fitness and wellbeing to explain the spiritual counterpart in order to assist the student to better grasp the interconnected aspects to spiritual growth. Many people do not understand why they do not grow spiritually and it is most often because they do not address all the elements required for consistent, sustainable spiritual growth.

CHRISTfit explains the four pillars of spiritual growth in detail:

  • Will Power –   What is it? Why is it so difficult to cultivate? What undermines will power? The importance of discipline and routine.
  • Nutriënts –     Physical and Spiritual food. What’s good for me? What’s bad? Where and how can I get it? How can I sustainably feed my body and soul efficiently?
  • Exercise –      Physical and spiritual power and endurance. What is it? Why is it important? How does it benefit my relationship with Jesus?
  • Silent time -    Rest for body and soul. What is prayer and meditation? How to pray. Is meditation a biblical concept? How does it differ from eastern meditation? How does prayer and meditation benefit and change my life?


Bible Basics:

  • What is the Bible?
  • Who wrote the Bible?
  • How was the Old Testament compiled?
  • How was the New Testament compiled?
  • What about the apocrypha? Should we study it?
  • Is the Bible inerrant?
  • The Bible and Science
  • The Bible and History
  • The Bible compared to other books of faiths
  • Bible Translations part 1: Where do they come from?
  • Bible Translations part 2: Which one is right?
  • Is the Bible a Grand Narrative or a compilation?
  • Is the Bible reliable?



  • Holy Scriptures
  • God in Three Persons
  • Creation
  • Life of Jesus
  • Salvation
  • Nature of Man
  • Great Controversy
  • Baptism and Communion
  • Remnant and it’s mission
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Stewardship
  • Marriage
  • and many more...


Book Study:

  • Steps to Christ
  • Desire of Ages


Year 2: Intermediate: – Understanding my Bible
Hermeneutics: How to interpret the Scriptures

  • We consider the principles involved in the interpretation of Scripture by studying the books
    Understanding Scripture - An Adventist Approach and Interpreting Scripture - Bible Questions and Answers


Bible Controversies:

  • The Law
    • The Law and the New Testament
    • The Law, Grace and Salvation
    • The Law and the New Commandment
  • The Sabbath
    • Origins
    • Creation Ordinance
    • Sabbath and Manna
    • Sabbath and the Ten Commandments
    • Sabbath as Sign
    • Sabbath in Heaven?
    • Jesus and the Sabbath
    • Sabbath after the Gospels
    • Sabbath in History

Book Study:

  • Christ Object Lessons – 43 Parables.
  • Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings.


Year 3: Advanced: Go therefore!

Daniel and Revelation:

  • The Sanctuary
  • Daniel
  • Revelation


  • The Spirit of Prophecy
  • The State of the Dead
  • The Second Coming
  • The Millennium
  • Hell

Correcting Error:

  • Secret Rapture
  • Tongues
  • Lazarus and the Rich Man
  • Wednesday Cricifixion

Creation vs Evolution:

  • We study Nicolene Filmalter's book Creation by God, or evolution... from nothing which makes the major issues in the creation vs evolution debate easy to understand.

Book Study:

  • The Great Controversy

Course Fees:

  • South African Residents: The CEI Course fees for 2018 is R495 per month for 11 months (February to December) with a once off R749 registration fee payable by 5 January 2018.
  • International Students: The CEI Course fees for 2018 is US$45 per month for 11 months (February to December) with a once off $75 registration fee payable by 5 January 2018.
  • The course fees include handbooks (where applicable) and cd's/DVD's (where applicable) for students within the republic of South Africa. Students outside of the Republic may incur a surcharge due to the costs for international postage.

Email eben@connec-t.org or an application form or if you have any enquiries.