Welcome to the CONNEC-T Evangelism Institute (CEI) web site!

Never in the history of mankind have we been so connected, and yet so disconnected at the same time. In a world saturated with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and every other possible way of connecting, people seem to be progressively less connecting on a personal level.

CEI is dedicated to reconnecting people, firstly with God, secondly with themselves and thirdly to each other in order to also connect collectively to God. This means establishing a lifestyle conducive to personal sustainable spiritual growth. Once this is achieved, an environment is created in which the great commission can be fulfilled.

The focus is Jesus. Only when you know Him can you truly grasp your significance and purpose in this world. The CEI journey is one of discovering Jesus, finding yourself and establishing meaningful, life changing relationships with others. It is all about connecting with Jesus, re-connecting with yourself and connecting in a significant way with the people in your space and beyond into ever broadening horizons, so come on! Join the journey! CONNEC-T!